How to cure erectile dysfunction permanently?

Hi all,

I am Dr Tristan Nguyen, a General Practice Registrar in Castle Hill, NSW.

I see a lot of men who over time begin to struggle with sexual performance due to issues with erections. Given this is such a common problem, today we will discuss erectile dysfunction. Like other mens sexual health issues, many men do not seek assessment or treatment for months to years and presume it may just be due to old age. There are many causes of erectile dysfunction and so an assessment by a doctor is important to identify the likely cause of erection problem so that treatment options can be explored.

Erectile Dysfunction is when a man has persistent difficulty in either having an erection at all or sustaining an erection enough to have sex. This can be stressful for men who wish to continue having satisfying sexual relationships. It is very common, affecting 30% of men over 45 years and almost 70% of all men by 70 years old. Erections occur as a result of increased blood flow into your penis by either direct stimulation via contact or sexual thoughts.

It is common for men to have short periods of erection difficulties when under psychological stress, which quickly resolve. These short events do not require any further investigation unless they persist or you are concerned.

There are many causes to erectile dysfunction that will need to be explored with your doctor as asides from aging, many medical conditions, surgeries, and substances including excess alcohol, heavy smoking, prescribed medications and recreational drugs can cause this. Other issues that can cause this include psychological issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, and relationship stressors between you and your partner.

In order to assist in finding the cause, specific questions regarding your erections need to be asked.

Blood tests or special investigations may need to be performed. Sometime a clear cause may not be found but this does not mean that treatments will not be effective and should still be trialed.

Treatment will depend on the cause, and may be a mix treating the underlying condition, changing your lifestyle, attending sexual counselling if needed, taking tablet medications such as Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra to assist in restoring an erection, as well as injections or implants.

Erectile dysfunction can also be prevented in many ways as well by:

  • Managing chronic health conditions such as Diabetes
  • Avoiding recreational drugs
  • Avoiding alcohol excess
  • Reducing or quitting smoking
  • Discussing possible side effects of any medicine with your doctor
  • Ensuring positive sexual feelings and communication with your partner

For further information, assessment, and questions regarding erectile dysfunction and how it can be managed please consult with one of our doctors from Medinet when you are ready.


Dr Tristan Nguyen - Clinical Expert at Medinet Australia
General Practice Registrar in Castle Hill, New South Wales