Uh-oh, premature ejaculation - how to stop it?

Hi all,

I’m Dr Tristan Nguyen, a General Practice Registrar in Castle Hill, NSW.

I see a lot of young and older men who are anxious to discuss issues with sexual performance and most of the time this is something they have never discussed with anyone before. Most men do not know that their issues with sexual performance have options of treatment and so choose to live with their issues for months, years or even decades. Today I thought we would discuss premature ejaculation as this is an especially difficult issue for men to explore and seek medical advice.

Premature ejaculation is when a male ejaculates earlier than desired during sex, usually occurring before or within the first minute of sexual penetration. It may not occur during every sexual encounter but may occur often enough to cause men to feel significant distress, anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. I can assure you many men suffer from this and that there are options available that can help men through this.

So, before we dive into it, just breathe, relax and be mindful. All these help you with the issue as well.

Depending on the cause there are many treatment options that attempt to enhance your sexual experience, whether by assisting in longer sex, ejaculatory control or sexual satisfaction without a strong focus on ejaculation.

There are non-medication treatments such as psychosexual and or behavioural therapies that may assist with controlling ejaculation. There are also many medication treatments that may be taken 3 hours before sex or daily to assist in managing premature ejaculation.

Like all medications, there are benefits along with the potential for unwanted side effects and so this should be discussed with a doctor so you know what to expect and look for and to ensure this medication may be right for you.

Since there are many causes to premature ejaculation and in order to be properly assessed, a doctor will need to ask many specific personal questions to clarify the circumstances of what may be causing your problem.

For further information, assessment, and questions regarding premature ejaculation and how it can be managed please consult with one of our doctors from Medinet to find the correct treatment options for you.



Dr Tristan Nguyen - Clinical Expert at Medinet Australia
General Practice Registrar in Castle Hill, New South Wales