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Medinet is an app that medical practices use to provide online health care to their patients. As a GP, Medinet gives you the option to work flexible hours and consult with patients from the comfort of your home. Medinet is used by many GPs who have young families or are already working part-time but want to provide additional support to their patients when they are not at their practice. We are not a virtual practice and do not provide GPs with provider numbers.

How does it work?

Step 1: After your medical practice has signed up to use Medinet, download the Medinet Doctor App from the App Store or Google Play. We will reach out to you to confirm your AHPRA registration and identity. Our support team will then provide you with onboarding so you can be confident to use Medinet.

Step 2: Fill in your profile, which includes your usual practice’s provider number and prescriber number.

Step 3: Make your status ‘online’ when you are ready to consult with patients. Be notified when your regular patients reach out to you, or consult with patients in the virtual wait room. All patients are required to provide their regular practice and GP information upon registration, so they are directed to consult with GPs from your practice whenever you’re online. Clinical summaries are also sent to the patient’s regular GP upon receiving patient consent.

What do GPs and practices use Medinet?

  • Flexibility: You are in control as to when you are online and available to patients. Simply change your status from offline to online whenever you like.
  • No admin: Seamlessly create medical documents with a few clicks. The patient can access any medical documents you generate immediately in their app. You have no post consult admin!
  • Additional support for your patients: We offer patients additional services to make their access to health care even more convenient. This includes medication delivery, home pathology collection, information on specialists’ fees and waitlists and instructions on where to go for pathology collection or medical imaging in any state or territory in Australia
  • Access the PIP after hours rebate: Use Medinet as the platform to provide afterhours care to your patients and claim the PIP rebate
  • Support the health system: Reduce patient presentations with non-urgent care to the emergency department and be available to provide patients with the right care they need

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