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We increase transparency of information for patients, while also supporting specialist doctors.

Our team consists of multiple specialists who are committed to helping specialist doctors grow their practice.

Why work with Medinet?

Proactively grow your business by directly communicating with private patients looking for your skills. All information is shared via our secure online server and is never shared with any third parties.

Inform patients of your availability in real-time. You can be as active as you like on the platform, depending on how busy you are. Have a full list? Simply don't respond. Have some space on your list? Find new private patients.

We will never share any identifiable commercially sensitive information about you, including your fees, to any third party. Only the patient who has requested this information will be able to view it.

How does it work?

1. Receive requests for information from patients looking for your skills

We will only contact you about patients who require medical services in your area of specialisation and in the right geographical location. You can be as active as you want on the platform, depending on how busy you are.

2. Privately respond to the patient outlining your fees and waitlist

You will receive the patient’s GP referral and any scans they have. This information is shared via a secure link. Based on this information, provide your consultation and operation fee (this can be a range) along with your waitlist for both. This information will ONLY be provided to the patient – no other patient, doctor or third party can view it.

3. Once the patient accepts your response, receive the patient’s contact details and arrange a consultation

The patient will be given a choice of between 3-5 specialists. If they select you, they will be given your practice’s contact details to book a consultation. Medinet only charges a fee if a patient selects you – you are only be charged a fee if you are growing your private practice via our platform.

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