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Talking HealthTech

Aussie HealthTech helping Doctors during COVID-19

It feels like it was only a few weeks ago that we were praying for Telehealth to be implemented in GP clinics over the coming years. We pictured a gradual roll out, drip fed slowly by types of service, or locations. It was the type of thing that could only be implemented in baby steps. There was simply no other way to disrupt the GP workflow to bring Telehealth front of mind.

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The Daily Telegraph

Selfless doctor - A Daily Telegraph Covid Hero

A doctor who selflessly leaves her family every day to head out to work in a global pandemic is the latest frontline hero honoured by The Daily Telegraph.

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The fundamental utility of universal telehealth has been unquestionable for some time. Overseas, in some HMOs and in some well set up Scandinavian countries, primary care providers will do up to 65% of all their work via telehealth, such is its efficiency and effectiveness.

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Insight Plus

Telehealth and COVID-19: a guide for GPs

A COMPREHENSIVE national telehealth policy has been recognised by the government as a critical tool in protecting the wellbeing of patients and doctors in response to the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic.

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The Medical Republic

How telehealth can ensure continuity of business during COVID-19?

During this pandemic, the government has recognised telehealth as a critical tool in protecting the wellbeing of patients and doctors.

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The Health Advocate

The vital role of telehealth in supporting access to primary care during COVID-19

As patients adopt self-isolation measures in the context of COVID-19, presentations to GP medical practices have declined by at least 30%.

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The New Daily

Bulk-billed telehealth to combat coronavirus: Australia’s big Medicare changes explained

Australia now has “whole of population” telehealth, with the government making bulk-billed phone and video consults available to all citizens in an effort to protect patients and health workers from COVID-19.

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