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Consult GPs online

We give each doctor a chance to provide 24/7 high-quality consultations for non-urgent medical issues. In case future appointments are needed, they can book a face-to-face consultation in their practice through app.

Our network of external doctors are supported by the AI-assisted in-house medical team, keeping all the advice given safe and sound. Arrangements from medical advice to issuance of medical certification take all place inside one app, at the palm of your hands.

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Get Referred to Specialists

Our network of GPs can be easily used to get a referral for the specialist you need. We allow you to book the specialist you need online, so you won’t waste your precious time and health.

In case you suddenly can’t make it, you can request another time and communicate with the specialist from one place.

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Get Medications Delivered

Our GPs can write you prescriptions for the medications you need, so our delivery team can either deliver it to you by the end of same evening or you can pick it up from your local pharmacy yourself.

We offer you a chance to buy other health supplements, wellness products and OTC medicine within our app, so all your medical purchases are being tracked and reach you, when you need them the most.

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All your Documents in One Place

We offer you a safe place to hold all your past and present medical certificates, specialist referrals and pathology results, so when you need them, you know where to get them.

Our patient friendly platform is easy to read and share with any doctor you want to visit. We believe that your data belongs only to you, so we make sure that only you and people who want to see it, will actually see it.

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Pathology on your Doorstep

We understand what it means to be sick and not be able to get out of your bed. That’s why we offer you a prime service, where you can request a professional pathology team to come visit you at your home to get all the testing done, without the need to travel to hospitals or medical centres full of other sick patients.

You can also book a pathology appointment yourself to your nearest medical centre wherever you are.

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Find the Doctor Closest to you

Feeling sick on your way home? We offer you to find the doctor closest to you, so when you reach your medical centre, you can use your personalised QR code to quickly and conveniently check-in at reception on your next appointment.

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“Medinet provided me with access to fast high-quality consultation with their doctor, who diagnosed me within 5 minutes, via their online consultation session. The GP prescribed the medications I required, and recommended that I take rest to recover. I even got the medication delivered to my doorstep, as well as a medical certificate to send to my employer.”


May 2019


“I received my medicinal order within an hour, close to midnight, and I just wanted to say thank you. I had such a busy day and forgot to buy my brother’s medication, but your delivery was top notch! Thank you. I look forward to using Medinet again for my next order.”


June 2019


“Last night, I came down with the flu. Rather than going to a physical medical centre, I decided to give the Medinet app a go. I received the first available consultation within 5 minutes by a qualified GP, who prescribed me medication, and even sent a pathology team to take some tests.”


August 2019

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